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I wanted to send out a quick reminder to everyone interested in purchasing a Leise ebike. To stay up to date about incoming inventory and new merchandise & products become a member of the site or follow us on instagram @leisemotors.

There are a limited number of bikes with each shipment and we operate on a first-come, first-serve basis, so reach out if you want to reserve your bike and we’ll give you first choice at the incoming bikes!

Thank you for all the interest!

Hampton Honeycutt

Founder, CEO

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Hey Greg, thanks for the question. We will put the warranty information up this week so that everyone can know what’s covered. In the meantime, everything not considered a quick-wear part (brake pads, tires, seats, grips, chain, etc) is covered under a one year warranty. The warranty specifically includes the motor, frame, electrical components and wiring, controller, display, batteries, forks, cassette, hubs, and derailleur. The rims are covered by a 3-month warranty. If something breaks let us know and we’ll arrange to have the bike fixed either at headquarters or by send you a new part. Logistics is a case by case determination, and it depends on what goes out and how technical the repair turns out to be. As far…


I have been interested in a e bike for hunting for a while. I'n the photos of inventory, , your bikes look like the Canadian made Biktrix, which is actually a good thing if that is the case, because I had interest, but was concerned about service, parts, and warranty. It's also a plus because the motor isn't made in China, and the prices are good. I guess I am asking if that's the case, since I love in Georgia and hunt in Alabama, which I consider local...if that's okay.


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