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1-Year Leise Motors Warranty

1-Year Leise Motors Warranty

All e-bikes are covered by a 1-year manufacturer warranty, which will cover the cost of the replacement part; however, the manufacturer's warranty does not cover the labor, diagnostics, and testing that are included in the repair costs. 


When you purchase a Leise Motors Warranty we cover all additional costs associated with the repair of year e-bike starting from the day you purchase the warranty. Simply contact us to arrange pickup or bring your e-bike directly to Trails and Treads bike shop in Tupelo, MS and tell them who you are and what's wrong with your e-bike. We'll handle the rest, it's just that easy. 


All Leise Motors Warranty work is performed by the trained techncians at Trails and Treads bike shop in Tupleo, MS. These guys live and breath anything bike related and multiple years of experience working and repairing e-bikes. 


You must be a Leise Motors e-bike owner (any model applies) to purchase a Leise Motors Warranty, and if a warranty is purchased outside your e-bike order, you can only purchase a warranty if you are within 3-months of your initial e-bike purchase. Fees associated with e-bike pick-ups and delivery are based on distance, time, and dates so this is a case-by-case fee determined by Leise Motors which is outside the scope of the costs assoicated with the repair. 

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