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Testimonials & Reviews From Custmers

Hear from our amazing customers, in their own words, what they think of our ebikes and the customer service experience when you buy a Leise Motors ebike.

Kyle Davis

I can’t say enough about these e-bikes! I have always been on the fence about spending the money on what just appears to be a “bicycle”. I met Hampton at the World Deer Expo in Birmingham, Alabama and Leise Motors. He took all the time in the world to explain his bikes and how they are made and the history on how he got started. Needless to say a couple more months later I contacted him and purchased a bike. These bikes are awesome, I hunt in some steep terrain and this bike helps me scout, check cameras, and get to spots without leaving my scent on the ground. I also use it around the farm checking cattle, and this growing season I will use it to scout cotton and our other crops. I honestly wish I had 2 of them just because they are a good quality, tough built bike. When the time comes I will for sure purchase another e-bike from Hampton at Leise Motors.

Josh Raley

Since moving to northwest Georgia, I've been looking for ways to effectively hunt and recreate on the rugged terrain here. When I saw Leise ebikes at the World Deer Expo in Birmingham, AL, I knew I'd found the solution!

These bikes have the same build quality and features that you find in many of today's high end bikes, but at an unbeatable price point. I've now used the bike to cover 20 or so miles of hard to reach public land areas, and the bike took it all in stride! I was especially impressed with the bike's ability to power through steep hills and traverse rugged, rocky terrain with ease. Traveling washed out WMA roads or old logging roads covered with pine cutting scraps was a breeze. And the battery life was extremely impressive, especially given the steep inclines and speed at which I was moving. When not pedaling, the battery life is great. But when pedaling, the battery lasts for a REALLY long time.

The best part of this? I believe the bike gives me a huge advantage in the outdoors. I can get off the beaten path to enjoy some solitude while deer hunting, move quickly so as to make the most of the time that I have, and be really efficient for short scouts or exploration trips.

Another way Leise motors stands out is their service They're a small local business, which means you can talk with a real person, put your hands on a bike before you buy one, and have someone to call if there's ever a problem rather than hoping for a response from some far off "customer service" department.

In short, I can't recommend Leise motors enough. The bike is tough, durable, and has plenty of power. The service is excellent. And last but not least, the price is significantly less than the competitors. If you're thinking about buying one, stop thinking, and just go buy it!

Maverick Harrison

I first seen Leise Motors ebikes this year at the MS Wildlife Expo. I met Hampton and his father Fil there and talked with them for over an hour about ebikes. This past year I had been looking to purchase an ebike, but wanted to make sure I purchased the right one and got the best deal I could find. I had recently drove multiple brands of ebikes all summer, but when I drove one of the Leise Motors ebikes, I knew that was the ebike I was going with. I purchased the Delta ebike and for what the ebike includes with the purchase, plus the amount of power this ebike has, it was a no brainer. The Delta ebike is very strong, has really good range, very easy to drive, and down right flashy! But also, one of the best parts of purchasing an ebike from Leise Motors was how easy and convenient they made it! They made sure I got exactly what I wanted and that I was happy with the ebike. They check in to make sure everything is working right and that I'm still enjoying the ebike. Customer service is a big thing for me and I didn't feel like I would have got that with going with a big name brand company. I consider Hampton a good friend now after purchasing an ebike from Leise Motors and making that connect. If you're a serious turkey hunter, or bowhunter and are always looking to find another tool to help make you successful in the field, I highly recommend giving Leise Motors a shot.

Bryce Penn

I’ve recently bought an E-bike from leise motors and can’t wait to see how it improves my hunting season this year! I’ve already been putting it to the test around the farm I live on and it’s been quite awesome! Looking forward to hunting with my new E-bike from Leise motors!

Hampton Honeycutt

Please share your experience with the rest of the ebike community! I'd love to hear how everyone is enjoying their Leise Motors ebikes and what you've been using it for!

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